Beginnings, Series II

Elisa Markes-Young

The works explore themes of germination and growth, fragility and decay. Elisa says that all her artworks are as much about subject matter as they are about visual and emotional experiences.

The translation of experience is not tied to the actual form. The artist creates ornamental yet still organic forms. These abstracts derived from elementary natural forms result in a simple visual language.

Closer inspection of the works reveals multiple layers of colours, textures and motifs.

The imperfections and rawness of the execution bring a quirky uniqueness and timeless beauty to seemingly regular structures.

As a result of the abstraction of the subjects the exact interpretation of the artworks stays open. We see plants, buds, seeds and pods, human forms, floating, shifting, beginning and ending, blooming and dying. The simplicity and repetition of the forms create a rhythm focusing on the mysterious beauty of the processes and transformations they describe.

Please contact Elisa via 0421 974 329 (Christopher Young, Western Australia, GMT+8) should you be interested in purchasing work. Prices range from AU$600-$750.

Framing can be included for your convenience and is done by a professional framer.

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Elisa Markes-Young - Beginnings, Series II

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