Elisa Markes-Young


In her work Elisa Markes-Young uses mostly fibres, textiles, techniques and skills that are - at least in cultures of European origins - traditionally attributed...

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The Original Place


Elisa was born in Poland, grew up in Germany and have been in Australia since 2002. The excitement of living in a foreign country is accompanied by an intense feeling of displacement...

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Broken Places


“The world breaks everyone, then some become strong at the broken places.” - Ernest Hemingway ...

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The Strange Quiet of Things Misplaced


Memory is a mystery. We imagine it as being some sort of a cupboard where things are stored and pulled out when needed...

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Long Departed Landscapes


Long Departed Landscapes is a series in which Elisa tried to recreate the colours and the feeling of Poland as she remembers it. It's influenced by the patterns of Polish folklore costumes and old embroideries and the feel of the pieces is somewhat 'idyllic'...

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What I Am


Trying to navigate between the Polish origins, German influences and Australian surroundings, Elisa recognizes that self-reflection is crucial to her identity: It is a reflection on the variations of her ‘handed-down’ identity. Elisa feels that because of this she is in a constant process of destruction and restoration...

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Beginnings, Series I


The Beginnings series were inspired by the processes and transformations we observe during a lifetime of a plant, especially the process of setting seed and spreading. It's the beauty of the seed capsules, the various shapes, the ways in which they break when ripe to disperse the seeds...

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Beginnings, Series II


The works explore themes of germination and growth, fragility and decay. Elisa says that all her artworks are as much about subject matter as they are about visual and emotional experiences.

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The Slow Infinity of Dreaming


The Slow Infinity of Dreaming relates to the feeling of timelessness and the tranquillity of the Australian landscape. It describes the dreaminess I feel, when faced with the vastness, the heat and quiet, the age of the place and all its secrets that I'm sure are there.

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Collared was a group exhibition in the course of the Fringe Festival 2003 at Kurb Gallery in Perth. Artists interested in participating were given a white business shirt and asked to create an artwork...

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