The Slow Infinity of Dreaming

Elisa Markes-Young

The title relates to the feeling of timelessness and the tranquillity of the Australian landscape. It describes the dreaminess I feel, when faced with the vastness, the heat and quiet, the age of the place and all its secrets that I'm sure are there.

At the time of naming the series Elisa was unaware that 'Dreaming' is a term from the Aboriginal cultural vocabulary. The word is an approximate translation of an Aboriginal concept that is difficult for Europeans to comprehend. The western concept of time, used sometimes to explain it doesn't really apply. The Dreaming is a continuous entity, which contains the past, the present and the future. It refers to all that is known and understood. It is the way Aboriginal people explain life and the beginning of their world. It influences every aspect of their life and it provides a connection to their cultural heritage.

A big part of the series deals with the phenomenon of the 'striped' soil and it's varying colours… Another easily recognisable motif is the banksia flowers.

Like most of Elisa's work the series also deals with growth, change and the process of creating the artwork itself.

Please contact Elisa via 0421 974 329 (Christopher Young, Western Australia, GMT+8) should you be interested in purchasing work. Prices range from AU$450-$750.

All prices include frames.

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Elisa Markes-Young - The Slow Infinity of Dreaming

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