Christopher Young

It is irresponsible, if not impossible, to attempt to distill a rich, diverse culture into a small series of images.

Poland is a land of extreme contrasts so ideally this should have been translated onto the wall. This approach is not harmonious with the format of an exhibition as the required jumps from image to image would be so violent as to disconcert the viewer, potentially compromising the images as singular entities.

I don’t claim to know Poland or the Polish by any measure so I have not attempted to paint a Polish ‘picture’.

I carried a list whilst traveling that included the multitudes of road-side honey, berry and mushroom sellers, prostitutes standing alone on seemingly deserted stretches of road, stunning birch forests, colourful apartment buildings, damaged or empty billboards in beautiful vistas and large abandoned homes.

These were often observed from a distance, at speed or were otherwise not possible to render. Occasionally poor substitutes were found, some discarded as kitsch but more often than not it was opportunities lost and images not made.

The images here were instead made in quiet and contemplative moments. They reflect an enriching and often visually confusing experience.

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Christopher Young - Poland

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