Christopher Young

Christopher Young’s ongoing practice has had an almost forensic attitude to approaching a scene.

He comes to these places after emotional connections have supposedly been severed. The associated ‘decisive moments’ have passed – catalogued or otherwise.

The protagonists are long since gone and the scene has often begun to decay. That which is left behind is the disposable and the unimportant – at least in the minds of those who have left these things.

This new series of work however addresses the pre-decisive rather than post-decisive moment.

vier explores a particular series of personal contemplative moments. Where a deep breath was taken, decisions were made and new processes begun.

This deals with the balance between observational study and manipulation within a scene. Not only in the choice of view point, lighting, digital manipulation and other visual devices but in content of the scene itself.

This is not to say that manipulation hasn’t previously been a component in his practice. The manipulation has simply moved from selective imaging – ie. what is (not) photographed – and context to the content within the image itself.

He has begun to instigate that which is being imaged rather than merely document what he finds.

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